WiFi Barcode Scanner 1.2.3


Turn your phone into a wireless barcode scanner!
Literally any OS is supported: Windows, Mac and Linux.
Scanned barcode will be sent to your computer using the common VNC protocol.

For Windows and Linux:
Download and install any VNC server on your computer. For example: UltraVNC, RealVNC or TightVNC.
You just need to install the server part (silent server) and register as a system service.
Set your VNC Password.
If you are running VNC only to serve WiFi Barcode Scanner you might want to disable "Remove Aero (Vista)", "Remove Wallpapers for Windows" and enable "Capture Alpha-Blending" to prevent blinking of screen when connecting to the server.

For Mac OS X:
Open "System preferences" - "Sharing".
Check pane "Screen sharing".
Click "Computer Settings..." and set your password.

On your phone:
Set your vnc server host and port using settings menu.
If you choose to automatically connect just press "Start scanning" button. Otherwise first press "Connect" button to connect to your vnc server.
Every scanned barcode will be sent to your vnc server immediately.

Troubleshooting tips:
- Make sure VNC is installed correctly and no firewall is blocking connection requests on port 5900. If you used the installer there should be already a Windows firewall rule.
- Check if VNC can be reached by your phone. PC and phone must be on the same network. Otherwise you have to add port forwarding rules to your router.
- If you still have any problems do not hesitate to contact us at support@id-software.at

How to check ip addresses:
- PC: hoover the mouse over VNC tray icon and your PC ip address will be shown in a tooltip.
- Phone: Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi Settings -> your connection will be listed under Wi-Fi networks

For scanning barcodes the free ZXing Barcode Scanner App is needed. If not already installed you will be redirected to download on first usage.

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